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The boats

C400 / C450 Series are lightweight models for rowing and paddling, producing the smallest environmental impact of its materials. Simple operation, easy to lift in and out of the water, on and off the car or bike trailer.
All have soft shell and a wooden frame. Polyester fabric shell that is the primary choice for long life and high strength. Full freedom in choice of color and the ability to get photo prints in high quality on deck canvas. Mounting points for all kinds of equipment to suit your preference and reinforced bottom if desired.  


C400 / 450 for a sustainable future.

A plastic stripped leisure with wooden frames and fabric of polyester or polyester/cotton. Painted with acrylic paint or linseed oil without solvents. Polyester/cotton does not provide the same smooth surface as polyester. Linseed Oil bursts easier than acrylic paint. Can be painted in any color.

C400 / 450 for a durable craft.

Paint and varnish is more resistant to scratches than hard shells and easier to fix if you get an damage. Fabric can withstand collisions with rocks without permanent damage more than a paint retouch.

C400 / 450 for choice.

You can get the boats with optional printing in photo quality on the deck, and in any color. The printing is on polyester fabric which is then clearcoated.
You can compose the pictures yourself or get it done. You can get the boat painted with graffiti or other art form. Full freedom of choice.




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