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Length: 450 cm, Width: approx 55 cm. Weight: about 12 kg.

A SOF kayak is not a copy of Eskimo kayaks. It is a modern kayak, which retained the original scale and is built to your needs and desires


A SOF is durable. Polyester fabric used is of aircraft quality and more resistant to crashes than fiberglass kayaks. The material can withstand collisions with rocks without getting permanent damage such as scratches or cracks. Polyester fabric is coated to become waterproof.


There are no watertight bulkheads in a SOF kayak. Everything should be packed in waterproof bags. The kayak has (almost) the number of hatches that you want and they are (almost) placed where you want them. A hatch behind the cockpit is standard. The cover is made ​​of cloth and fastened with Velcro.

The color is optional, the paint is water or as desired. Deck fabric may be the same as the hull and painted or covered with photo prints.



In the cockpit, you should have a seasock, which is a waterproof fabric bag you are sitting in. Water coming into the kayak will not go beyond the cockpit. The same applies to sand, leaves and other.

All paddlers should have a spare paddle. Attachments for a paddle is always included. As additional, a longitudinal rope installed along the railing. Good to grap if you tip over. If you always paddle a kayak empty, so you should have a pair of waterproof bags or other floatation. These can then be pre-mounted in the bow and stern. An unladen kayak floats filled with water.

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