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Rowing platform

Length: 400 cm, Width: approx 82 cm, Volume: approx 220 liters. Weight: about 16 kg.


C400-rodd is easy to carry down to the water and easy to handle. Turns on a dime and quickly. Is basically the same as the paddle platform, but has supports and brackets for rowing rig. Need no fins to stay on course, as when you paddle.
It is possible to combine rowing with SOT and SUP to PROPPS. Do you want to load some gear to the C400-rowing, the deck rigging will be fitted far aft. The rowing Platform feels solid and is stable but not made for open water. Do you want to have a more stable boat for more open water, so choose the catamaran instead

C400-rowing is stable in water because it is so wide. You do not need  a rolling seat. C400-rowing is durable. Polyester fabric used is of aircraft quality and more resistant to crashes than a fiberglass hull. The material can withstand collisions with rocks without getting permanent damage such as scratches or cracks. Polyester fabric is coated to become waterproof.


The color is optional on the hull, deck and rowing rig. The paint is water based or as desired. The deck fabric may be the same as the hull and painted or you can have the deck covered with photo prints. Rowing Rig with transport bracket for oars. Fixed oar adjustable footrest. Oars of wood with oarlocks. Velcro foot strap.


Deck rigging on the aft deck. Bracket for turning rope. Fiberglass Oars and oar locks. Roller seat with ball-bearings and PU wheels. Foot rest are adjustable horizontally, vertically and has adjustable angle.

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