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Rowing rig

Rowing rig, C4-rig, has a fixed foot rest or an adjustable one, where the distance to the oar locks is adjustable, the foot angle is adjustable and it has an adjustable height. The oar lock is vertically adjustable.
The rig has adjustable attachment to the rowing platform and fixed attachment to the catamaran.
If you have a SUP or a wind surfing board at home, you can use the rowing rig also with extra support pads to the board.

Wooden 9' oars with oar locks by default, but can be fitted with racing glass fiber oars.

The rig has a rolling seat. Velcro fastener for shoes or mounted shoes. Fixed seat is also available. Brackets for an extra oar or a paddle is always included.

Optional color on the rowing rig. Bracket for turning rope.

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