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Rowing & Paddling platform

Length: 400 cm, Width: approx 82 cm, Volume: approx 220 liters. Weight: from 16 kg. The different models are basically the same, but in different designs that can be combined.


C400 models should be used on protected waters. It feels solid and is stable but not made for open water. Do you want to have a more stable boat for more open water, so choose the catamaran instead.


Sit on top model. Linseed oil footrests, seat plate and brackets for soft kayak seat. Footrest. Handle.

Accessories: Deck rigging and hatch. Raised seat, 50 mm high.


Stand up Paddle Board. Cork making footpads. Handle.
Accessories: Deck rigging and hatch.


For sitting and standing paddling and for rowing. Equipment and accessories as SOT and SUP. Area aft for supporting the rowing rig.



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